Hammig String Quartet Workshops

Forthcoming Workshops

27th February 2021, subject to prevailing Covid-19 restrictions at the time.

Workshops will be held 10am to 4.30pm, and will be run to comply with Government Covid-19 guidelines.

Tutor: Jane Tyler

Work: Elgar String Quartet Op. 83

Venue: St Francis of Assisi Church, Ravenswood Avenue, West Wickham BR4 0PW

Cost: £18.00

Parts are available from IMSLP

Bar Numbering

Scans of parts including bar numbers are available on request by e-mail. Having bar-numbered parts is essentials as rehearsal letters/numbers are not always consistent between different editions, and it saves no end of time at the workshop if everyone starts from the same place!

Future workshops

The workshop dates for the rest of 2021, subject to prevailing Covid-19 restrictions, are 8th May, 19th June, and 9th October.